• Plan B

Plan B

Plan B extremely effective for birth control

In the previous ages, it was understood that surgical options were ready for those females who had the need of termination of pregnancy. Such measures were basically carried out with the help of clinical instruments & general anesthesia which would prove to be harmful for the health of the fetus as well as the mother. In a way, it would also lead for harmful impacts over the health & thus, there became a necessity for ceasing with such form of measures.

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Thus, the medical experts explained that there was need for the surgical treatments to be replaced with birth control treatments & so there was huge discovery of medicinal drugs which would help with the similar purpose of medical abortion for the females. Plan B has been one of such effective abortion pills which have been made available for the female patients so that they can safely undergo the procedures of termination of pregnancy.

Working of Plan B

These forms of treatments have been considered safe since they have been guaranteed by the health experts of Food & Drug Association (FDA). The medical experts have explained that such form of drug products are contained with an important type of progestin which is known as levonorgestrel & this helps for getting rid of unwanted pregnancy. Moreover, the product has also been stuffed with dual form of essential ingredients that are known as estrogen & progestin. These do not lead for the fertilization of the egg & moreover, do not support with the measures of ovulation.

Required Dosage Plan B

The medical experts have explained that such type of plan B medicine must be consumed within 72 hours of unprotected session of copulation & this must be followed with the intake of another pills that must be consumed after 12 hours so as to achieve with promising results. They further state that the correct dosage of plan B is not more than 0.75mg & it must be administrated orally by the female patients.

Preventive steps Plan B

  • If there is any sort of allergic reactions that are observed by the females after the intake of such products, the further consumption must be immediately ceased & effective recovery measures must be considered.
  • These Plan B medicine have not been recommended for the females who are below 18 years of age.
  • The consumption must be done with proper amounts of water.