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Women Speak About Abortion Freedom

Pioneering work related to the abortion pill procedure
Most of the nations just offer medical abortion until the finish of week nine of the pregnancy. At Haukeland University Hospital, Løkeland and her colleagues have done medical abortions in week nine to twelve for the first time. These abortions are performed at the hospital, not at home.

Must Prepare the Women for Pain
Seven out of the 254 women felt bleeding that had to be closed by the use of surgery, and most of the women experienced the requirement for painkillers in the period of the abortion.

Many of the women responded that they did not suppose the abortion to be as aching as it was. "It became clear from the follow-up study of the women who had their medical abortion in the period of weeks nine to twelve that it is significant not to underestimate the pain. If the hospital underestimates how painful it may be, the women might be frightened and feel a harder feel of pain."

Much of the People have many Abortions

Løkeland has also performed study on the Abortion Register, where she has studied the registered women's level of learning, their link to the job market, and how many abortions they've had.

She was astonished to discover that in 2013, almost 50 per cent of the ladies who had an abortion had gone through one or numerous abortions earlier. They are known as "repeat abortions", and the rate in Norway is greater than that of our neighbouring nations and greater than any prior Norwegian figures.

Abortion might have numerous things

"This is either an actual add to, or it visualizes that women speak about this much freedom nowadays as it is thought as less of a stigma. The knowledge in the Abortion Register is dependent on the women's own accounts," tells Løkeland.

She is in the opinion: the mainly like explanation is that the Abortion Register has enhanced, partially because of the introduction of electronic patient journals.
Neither do the figures show whether someone has had more than two abortions. Women who have had three or more abortions are said to as repeat cases each time they are registered, ever since the Abortion Register is nameless.

Calls for involvement from the authorities
According to the research, the education rank of those who have more than one abortion is slightly minor than the level of those who have had only one abortion. Moreover, their connection to the job market is also somewhat lesser.

"Studies from the United Kingdom show the same tendency. It is these women who need the most support from society," tells Løkeland.
"Norway has a great degree of repeat abortions. This is few thing that the authorities must see into, in the same pattern as the health authorities made a major effort in order to reduce the number of adolescent abortions. Once proposed, would be to subsidized long-term effect hormonal contraception.”

"But we also have to remember that this is statistics. Even though those who have less education and resist on the job market are overrepresented among those who have other than one abortion, this does not mean that learned and capable women aren't among them too."