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Terminate Early Pregnancy With RU486

RU486 is one of the earliest methods of medical abortion. These pills are available in 200mcg concentration. For inducing successful abortion, a woman has to consume 3 pills of total 600mcg when the pregnancy has not progressed beyond 49 days after the last menstrual period. If bleeding does not start within 12 hours, second dosage of 2 pills is to be taken. Usually this dosage is sufficient to terminate pregnancy!

The working of RU 486! The hormonal phenomenon

RU486 works on the hormonal level. It reduces the levels of female hormone progesterone. This hormone is crucial for sustaining the pregnancy for 9 months. In the absence of this hormone, the uterus begins to contract and the endometrium detaches itself from the walls of uterus. In this process, the embryo is also detached from the uterus and expelled through menstruation like bleeding. This pill is relatively safe and produces good results in most of the women.

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