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RU486 With Proper Medical Advice

It would be better to visit the healthcare professional before making the use of RU486. Although the medicine is useful to bring about abortion, it is to be sued only in first 49 days of pregnancy. Moreover, women who had caesarian in previous delivery may not be able to use it. Similarly if any disorders or heart, liver or kidneys are present, use of RU-486 is highly restricted.

RU486 With Discount

Women in Cambodia should follow proper guidelines and medical advice before using this medication. This medicine is available in many pharmacies in Cambodia and can be easily acquired with the help of proper medical prescription.

RU486 - Your best chance to deal with unplanned pregnancies

RU486 (generally called Mifepristone) is sufficiently used as a medication to end the case of early pregnancy and moreover undesirable pregnancy. It is recommended that the medicine is taken inside the underlying seven weeks or 49 days of pregnancy by the customer. It is a mix pill which suggests there is a need of Misoprostol/Cytotec as a discretionary level usage for the unmistakable satisfaction of the medicinal prematurely ending. The medication assists with smart end by blocking the progesterone development in like manner halting the methodology of pregnancy. RU486 ensures an exceptionally protected level remedial prematurely ending.