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RU486 With Money Back Guarantee

The medicine RU486 is one of the oldest abortion medicines in the world and is used by many women to terminate the unwanted pregnancy successfully. The medicine causes the endometrium to break down through which the embryo also gets itself detached from the uterus and is expelled from the womb when uterine contractions occur on account of prostaglandin medicine. RU-486 is now available with attractive discount offers as well as additional facilities.

RU486 with Express Shipping

These facilities include online chat facility, 24x7 support as well as express shipping and free delivery. In case any discrepancy or inconvenience is felt during service, we guarantee to pay your money back.

RU486 can be attained through various sources with online shopping growing rather famous due to the FDA approval. Buy RU486 medicine online with great shipping and worldwide delivery, you can order this pills online from our website we are safe and secure pharmacy selling. Our express shipping service is FOR Our USA customers 

Express Shipping : USA to USA delivery within 2 Working days

Moneyback Guarantee : If customer get the wrong medicine