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RU486 Ultimate Satisfaction Guarantee

RU486 is available with ultimate satisfaction guarantee and triggers quick and successful abortion. 3 pills of this medicine are to be taken as a single dose. The medicine causes contraction of uterus and expels the fetus through bleeding. The medicine works better when taken within first 49 days of gestation and causes abortion within 48 hours. 2 more pills are administered if first attempt is unsuccessful.

RU486 With Great Customer Service

RU486 pill is available in 200mg concentration and is available with additional facilities like free shipping, 24 by 7 online support as well as buy back facility. One can also send Inquiry to email address or call on the contact numbers.

Heard Of The RU486 Effect? Get Them To Put An End To Unplanned Pregnancies

RU486 is utilized as a part of a regimen together with misoprostol to end a pregnancy that is under 70 days span. It works by ceasing the supply of hormones that help the fetus to develop. Without these hormones, it can't bolster, and the substance of the uterus are ousted.