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RU486 Lifting The Unwanted Burden

Pregnancy, unlike the common perspective, can be a burden for some women. Rather than feeling guilty about it or feeling despair after childbirth, it is necessary to resort to abortion before it becomes a heavy burden on the body as well as soul. RU486 which is available serves this purpose very well.

RU486 @ Our Online Store

We are offering RU486 in 200 mg pill format. 3 pills are to be taken with water in first 49 day of pregnancy under the supervision of a medical health practitioner. The medicine has been approved by the government and is safe and as effective as surgical abortion procedure.

RU486 Artificial Anti-Progesterone Steriod To Stop Pregnancies

RU486 (mifepristone) is a medication that obstructs a hormone called progesterone that is required for a pregnancy to proceed. RU486, when utilized together with another medication called misoprostol, is used to end an untimely pregnancy (70 days or less after the first day of the last menstrual period).