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RU486 in Singapore With Aadherence To Safety Standards

For quality RU486 pill in Singapore, you can always trust us. The pill is made available by us by pertaining to all the legal requirements and safety standards prescribed by the government and are being used by many women. The medicine is highly effective in bringing about termination of pregnancy without any medical or surgical help and can be administered at home.

RU486 in Singapore 10% Discount

However, for better effects and safety considerations, it is always recommended to consume RU486 in the presence of a doctor or nurse. We offer this medicine in Singapore with 10% discount to new customers. For new costumers further discount of 10% is given.

It is endorsed, in a regimen with misoprostol, to end a pregnancy through 70 days growth (70 days or less since the principal day of a lady's last menstrual period). RU486 available online is a great source to deal with undesired pregnancies without worrying about privacy, surgery, and anesthetics. When using with Misoprostol it has a 96% success rate of causing premature birth (abortions) without causing any health jeopardies.