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RU486 in Malta Use With Proper Care

The liberation movement is not limited to voting rights of women but is also involves entitlement of abortion rights to women. RU486 is one such medicine which causes abortion in a safe and effective manner and without harming reproduction system or ability to conceive in future. This 200mg pill is made available in Malta by us and dosage of 3 pills at a time is recommended for the abortion purpose.

RU486 in Malta safe and secure Medicine

For best results, RU486 is to be used within 49 days after the last menstruation period. If possible, this medicine available in Malta should be used under medical observation and proper care.

The insufficiency of oxygen and also support causes passing of the developing fetus. What's more, the best part this should be possible without going to any medical facilities. Pregnancy inside the initial seven weeks can be forestalled successfully with the guide of this Mifepristone containing medicine.