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RU486 in Concern For Health

RU486 can be used for the purpose of putting an end to pregnancy for which a woman is not prepared. Apart from being unprepared, the reason behind abortion may be health concern. Whatever the purpose of using RU486 may be, it always brings about desired results. The medicine is now available and is often used with Misoprostol tablets.

RU486 Cost Effective Medicine

Since every woman should have a right to carry out abortion, this pill is of great help when access to surgical abortion methods is not easily available. This medicine is cost effective, easy to administer and completely safe.

RU486 Key drug to stop undesired pregnancies

RU486 is utilized to end an early pregnancy (no further along than seven weeks, or 49 days after the essential day of your last menstrual period). RU486 is sometimes used synchronically with another prescription called misoprostol (Cytotec).