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RU486 Giving Relief From Pregnancy

Pregnancy need not to be a pleasant experience when it is a result of failed contraception or forced sex. The condition may cause harm or discomfort to certain women and highlight the need of having abortion. The prostaglandin medicine RU486 is designed to give relief from unwanted pregnancy to women and is now available. 3 pills of 200mg each are recommended for this procedure.

Ru486 With High Quality

We are providing RU486 only after seeking the approval of government and fulfilling the safety standards prescribed by WHO and FDA. This medicine is highly effective and brings about termination of pregnancy within 2 days.

There is an essential hormone in the body of the females, which is crucial for the continuation of pregnancy i.e. progesterone. This hormone ought to be adequate in sum and working. RU486 is an oral plan, which is proposed by utilizing steroidal compound i.e. Mifepristone. It is a natural steroid of the Oxosteroids. Mifepristone is an agonist of progesterone receptors, and it works by reducing progesterone action.