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RU486 For Immediate Abortion

With advancement of technology, it has become easily possible to get rid of unwanted pregnancy without anybody’s knowledge. RU486 medicine is one such form of abortion methods which are safe, costly and induce abortion within 4 days. Best results are experienced in first trimester of first 49 days after menstrual period. We are making this medicine available for the benefit of women.

Ru486 get rid of Unwanted Pregnancy in Women

Women who want to induce abortion with RU486 can place order with us online. We maintain complete secrecy about the orders and make sure that they are delivered within 6 to 10 working days.

Cramping and vaginal bleeding are typical impacts of the treatment regimen. Other primary responses of the treatment regimen incorporate queasiness, shortcoming, fever/chills, heaving, cerebral pain, diarrhea, and tipsiness in the first day or two in the wake of taking the two prescriptions.