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RU486 For High Success Rate

The RU486 medicine works by blocking the action of progesterone hormone which is necessary for continuation of pregnancy. Reduction in level of the hormone leads to detachment of endometrium and the fetus from uterus and the fetus is expelled in the form of menstruation like bleeding. The 200 mg pill plays an important role in terminating the pregnancy and now can be purchased by those residing.

RU486 In HongKong with Cheap Prices

Although the efficacy of RU486 is unchallenged, it will be better to consult the healthcare professional in advance regarding the suitability of this medication. It has success rate around 97% and has huge demand.

RU486 - A hormone manipulating drug to end pregnancies

RU486 helps you to have a viable control on your parenthood. Whether the pregnancy is an aftereffect of constrained sex, assault or fizzled strategy for contraception, it does not neglect to convey fancied impacts. It is sued worldwide to offer solace to the ladies.