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RU486 For Complete And Safe Abortion

It doesn’t matter whether a country is underdeveloped or developed what matters is adequate access to healthcare facilities enjoyed by all the human beings in the world. RU486 is one such medicine which gives the women an opportunity to address her pregnancy issue and deal with it successfully.

RU486 For our Online Customer

Additionally we also provide mail support to our customers and they can inquire about RU486 any time using our 24 by 7 online help facility. The medicine it to be taken as a single dosage of 3 200mg pills. 2 pills of Misoprostol are given 2 days later to complete the procedure.

RU486 - Clinically Approved Antiprogesterone To Stop Pregnancies

Medical premature births (Abortions) are proposed for women under ten weeks pregnant when self sought. These are done in homes or therapeutic offices. A female can use RU486 pill to a condition of the individual choice or therapeutic emergency to save her life.