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RU486 Exercise Your Fertility Rights

For many women worldwide, exercising fertility rights is still a luxury. The task has been made easy by RU486. This medicine is a well known pill which aids the process of medical termination of pregnancy can does not require assistance of healthcare professional. Even though conception methods fail or surgical abortion is not possible because of some reasons, you can always resort to this medicine.

Procedure for administration of RU486

Procedure of administration of RU486 is extremely simple. Three pills of 200mcg each (total 600mcg) are to be taken orally as a single dose. If this dosage does not work, further dosage of 2 additional pills after 2 days is permitted. This method is extremely safe and gives expected results when gestation period is lesser than 63 days. Despite high success rate, if abortion does not occur or any discomfort is experienced, it is advised to consult your medical professional.

Draining and cramping are confronted which is fundamental as the hatchling is evacuated and crumbles which are a vital indicator of the success the drugs combined bring. The drug is available through many sources due to the famed FDA approval.