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RU486 A Safe Remedy Against Unwanted Pregnancy

RU486 is a medicine which is used extensively against the gut ulcers. This medicine mimics the action of prostaglandins and prevents the secretion of hormone progesterone. As a combined result of this, the uterus gets contracted and pregnancy is terminated which is evident in form of breakthrough bleeding. This medicine is approved by FDA and is convenient for those women who don’t have access to surgical abortion methods.

How should I take RU486? Is it safe for me?

The way of taking RU486 is extremely easy and it is safe for you. It depends on trimester of pregnancy. In first semester, 4 pills of 200mcg each are taken. If pregnancy has progressed beyond 3 months, 2 pills are sufficient. Take one pill in third trimester. It brings about complete termination of pregnancy within 2 days.

How RU486 Is Utilized? 

RU486 averts progesterone, a nonspecific made hormone that readies the covering of the uterus for a developing egg and deals with pregnancy. Without progesterone in the body, the pregnancy can't proceed, and the uterus separates and exhausting starts. It is trailed by a prostaglandin, (misoprostol), which makes the uterus contract and finishes the strategy.