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Mifepristone key to safe and secure abortion

Although known for treating Cushing’s syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes, Mifepristone is also used to terminate the unwanted pregnancy. Failure of contraceptives, forced sex, fear-whatever the cause might be- the tablet never fails to deliver the good results. By mimicking the action of prostaglandin, the medicine reduces secretion of the maternal hormone progesterone in the body. Progesterone is essential for the survival of fetus in the absence of which the endometrium begins to detach itself from the uterine walls. The uterus gets contracted and the implanted fetus is also expelled in form of menstruation like bleeding.

Mifepristone – sufficient dosage and procedural schedule

Mifepristone 200mg pills are to be administered orally. Generally one time dosage of 3 pills is sufficient to end pregnancy. If abortion does not occur within 2 days, 2 pills of misoprostol 200mcg each (Total 400 mcg) are needed to be administered. After two weeks abortion can be confirmed by using ultrasound or physical exam. The medicine is highly effective and has been in great use worldwide.