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Medical Abortion Less Painful Then Surgical Abortion

Likely to Decide Surgical Abortion
Even Though, medical termination is the suggested process at Norwegian hospitals these day, Løkeland emphasizes that no one must be forced to have either medical abortion, or home abortion.

"Medical abortion is totally the suggested process, from the time when it is held as more gentle to the body. We have alike favored methods for a figure of other actions as well, and the favored method is the one we suggest first."

"But it's significant that surgical abortion must also be accessible if someone prefers that instead."

From Mild Pains to Exceedingly Painful

Løkeland questioned about pain in relation to the abortions. Some women had very painful experiences with medical abortions, while rest only felt mild pain.

"But people are still pleased, also who felt moderate to strong pain," tells Løkeland.
"There is not inevitably any link between the degree of pain and the degree of contentment." Løkeland searched that women who have not given birth earlier find medical abortion much painful than women who have given birth.

"Either, this might entail that a body which has by now given birth has a higher physical pain threshold, or women who have given birth might have rest of the expectations when it comes to pain, since they've already felt a pain which is more worse," tells Løkeland.
The study has hidden any connection between the length of pregnancy and the extent of pain.