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Induce abortion with RU486 now available

Before using abortion pill RU486, we request women to check their sensitivity to this medicine. The medicine is available in 200mg concentration in form of a tablet and to be administered under the supervision of some healthcare professional. This medicine can be administered at home and should be used when pregnancy has not exceeded 49 days.

RU486 Quality Medicine Online

We are providing RU486 with a motive to make our best quality medicines and services available to a majority of women. Our special services like 24 hour help, express shipping and free delivery to the customers have been framed with the very purpose and are being availed by many.

RU486 is now and again used concurrently with another solution called misoprostol (Cytotec). Both the drugs work together to create a safe and effective medical abortion. In fact, clinical trials have proven to show that they are 96% efficient in most cases.