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Cost Effective RU486

The RU486 pill is now available and can be utilized by those women who want to have control on the fertility decisions. This abortion pill is often used with misoprostol and is available in 200mg concentration. For successful abortion, 3 pills are to be taken followed by consumption of two Misoprostol tablets 200mcg each.

RU486 with Fastest Shipping

The combined action of both the medicines RU486 and misoprostol brings about detachment of endometrium followed by contraction of uterus which is necessary for expelling the embryo. We are providing this medicine in Ukraine with minimum price and best service standards effectively designed for consumer welfare.

RU486 - A abortifacient drug used to induce a chemically enacted abortion

RU486 is a pharmaceutical proposed by experts (gynecologists) because of them being health agreeable. It works by affecting embryo departure and as a prophylactic. It works adjacent to Misoprostol, a prostaglandin simple which flushes the undeveloped incipient organism out. With the entry of this medication, there isn't any inspiration driving why women should encounter the evil impacts of healing measures as fetus removal pills coordinate an untimely birth most clearly and safely.