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Best Quality RU486

When healthcare facilities and surgical procedures are not easily available, one can have an alternative to choose from huge range of medical abortion methods primarily consisting of pills which are to be taken orally. RU486 is one amongst them and is now available. It helps women to have abortion at home in familiar surrounding and is effective in first five weeks of pregnancy.

RU486 with 10% Discount Prices

RU-486 is made available with a view to achieve welfare of many women by helping them to exercise right to fertility. The medicine is offered with huge discount of 10% and 20% and thus cost effective than many of its counterparts.

It has a powerful proclivity to join with the receptor site of typical progesterone. It brings about the neutralizing impact of the extensive number of components of the exogenous or endogenous progesterone in the female regenerative part. This activity brings about the division of fetus from the uterus. In this manner, it doesn't allow the continuation of pregnancy.