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Abortion in Victoria Australia

Abortion in Victoria
Termination is lawful in Victoria. The Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 allowed termination of pregnancy and laid strategy for which time can termination happen. One woman can go to an abortion clinic in Victoria and get a termination of the baby done till she is 24 weeks pregnant. Moreover, treatments for pregnancies further than 17 weeks are restricted.

Abortion post 24 weeks is lawful, but is not usually done. Two doctors have to be in agreement the termination is suitable, bearing in mind the woman’s applicable medical conditions, and her present and upcoming bodily, mental and communal conditions.

Beneath Victorian law, a health practitioner who has a conscientious opposition to give that abortion information have got to refer any woman getting knowledge concerning abortion treatments to another doctor who does not oppose. Medical petitioners and nurses should do a termination in urgent situation when there is requirement to protect the life of the pregnant lady, even though if they oppose to abortion in common.