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Abortion in Norway Mifepristone Abortion Pill for Termination

Norway - Medical Abortion by Abortion Pill Mifepristone

Almost full abortions in Norway nowadays are done by abortion pill Mifepristone. This has consequence in waiting shorter and abortions earlier and the process which might be concluded at home.

"It's an achievement tale," says Mette Løkeland, who has done findings on medical abortion in Norway from 1998 to 2013. In 1998, the time to wait for abortion was just over eleven days. Nowadays the waiting time has declined for a week. According to Løkeland, this is the effect of the abortion pill.

The chance of having pills relatively than surgery has also effected in prior abortions. In 1998, fewer than half of the abortions were done by the finish of week nine of the pregnancy, whereas in 2013 the figures had raised to approximately 80%.

"For ladies who wish to have the abortion as quicker as probable this is much effortlessly available nowadays. This is also in row with the beginning work linked to the Termination of Pregnancy Act, which states that it is both desirable and helpful to get done the abortion as early as possible," says Løkeland.

More than 90% of her interviewees said Løkeland that they are content with the medical abortion process.