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  • I got my parcel on time and the dosage were prefect for my first time abortion also got manual from Abortionrx to explain Side effects with directions. I took the Abortion pills and drink 2 glass of water immediately I started Bleeding and all started passing by this Abortion medicine helped me a lot for my unexpected pregnancy and I expected worst but it all happen so smooth. I read reviews online abortion do not work but all are Fake Comments so far my experience I would suggest and recommend Abortion pills for first 4 weeks of pregnancy. I hope everything works out for everyone. – By Kathleen Brooks (United Kingdom)
  • I order recently my Abortion pills with Abortionrx store and result were Satisfying. I wanted to do Medical Abortion because I was highly afraid of Surgery and Pain after that so I took the Abortion pills Pack and lay in bed in afternoon time to make it easier. About 2 o'clock I started feeling cramp and pain was slow down after few hours. I had diarrhea and vomiting feeling for sometime but all good when I started lot of blood which had some blood clots which was Sticky and stink really bad. This online abortion Kit pills are the same pills which I received last time in my doctor clinic with a different company name and package. Thank you guys you deliver the pills on time will definitely come back in future for any such accidental pregnancy. Thank you It Worked! – By Sharon Morris (UAE)